WELCOME TO THE KITTY PAWS SHOES FAQS PAGE! Here are some of the most common questions asked from previous customers: Q: Are the shoes true to size? A: Based on previous customer feedback, the shoes we provide are mostly true to size. If you have a concern or need additional measurements, please email Q: Are WIDE options available? A: Yes. WIDE options are available for women's ballet flats ONLY at this time. If you don't see an option available for a specific listing, please contact us at for a custom link. Q: Can you do any option in kids sizes? A: Yes! We have provided examples of kids listings and will be adding even more here shortly. If you see a color that you want in a kids size, please email for a custom link. Q: Do you have boys/men's shoes options? A: Yes! We are adding styles to our collection regularly. If you see a style that you would like in a boys/men's style, please email for a custom link. Q: How long does it take to get my custom made to order shoes? A: Most orders are able to be completed within 3-5 business days however it can vary depending on holiday seasons. If you are needing this for a particular date, please ensure that the date is placed in the order notes for confirmation. Q: How do I take care of the shoes? A: A "How To Care For Your Shoes" list is provided with your purchase. We ask that you follow these instructions to ensure that you get the best results and wear out of your purchase. Q: Where else can I find Kitty Paws Shoes? A: At this time, Kitty Paws Shoes can be found on Shopify, Poshmark,& Mercari. We will be on other websites here in the near future. Q: I find the exact color I am looking for. Is Kitty Paws Shoes able to color match? A: We are always open to doing a specific color match. Send an email with at least two photos of the item you are looking to match as well as specific size instructions and/or date of the event. Q: I am looking for an outfit to match my Kitty Paws Shoes/ Do you have any options? A: As an official Amazon influencer, we are always finding a variety of fashion options to go along with our unique custom looks. Go to and look under Kitty Paws Shoes Fashion Picks. Q: Am I able to return my shoes for any reason? A: Since the orders are custom made to order, we don't have a refund or return policy on the store. However we are aware that each situation is unique and want to do our best to ensure the best customer service. Please contact us with any issues that you may have with your purchase. Q: Does Kitty Paws Shoes do anything else besides shoes? A: Kitty Paws Shoes is definitely expanding in the custom world. Look out for new products coming soon!!