Pink Rose Glitter w/Rose Pink Bottoms Custom Flats Kitty Paws Shoes @kittypawsshoes

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Who doesn't love pink?  It's not only glamorous and feminine, but it also adds just enough of beautiful shimmer to any outfit.  From a color psychology view, those who LOVE the color pink even tend to be considered friendly, approachable, and have a way of drawing others to them.  If pink can provide that much appeal imagine what can take place with added shimmer especially on your wedding day or special event! 



Kitty Paws Shoes has designed a cute and fun customized way to provide rose pink glitter ballet flats to your shoes collection.  Get these sparkly bridal rose pink custom made to order ballet flats with shimmery rose pink bottoms at: BRIDAL ROSE PINK CUSTOM GLITTER BALLET FLATS KITTY PAWS SHOES ONLY $34.99 + $5.00 U.S. Shipping!  These are perfect for bridal shower, wedding days, birthdays, wedding gifts, Mother's Day, or Easter.  


Looking for something to wear with your custom made Kitty Paws Shoes?? 

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