Baylor Bears Custom Glitter Ballet Flats Kitty Paws Shoes @kittypawsshoes

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With the Women's Lady Bears winning their 3rd NCAA title against Norte Dame in the March Madness 2019 series this past weekend, Baylor Bears are in full celebration mode.  Although the school is always shining amongst academics and sports, it's always great to see a local university be all over nationwide news.  This is why it is the perfect time to introduce the sparkly and fun way to celebrate the Bears through custom footwear!



Let's show off that school spirit!!


Kitty Paws Shoes has designed a cute and fun customized way to provide emerald green glitter ballet flats to your shoes collection. Get these custom made to order Baylor University ballet flats with half glittered green and gold exterior, glittered BAYLOR logo, glittered BU initials on the heel, and shimmery green bottoms at: BAYLOR BEARS CUSTOM GLITTER SPIRIT BALLET FLATS ONLY $39.99 + $5.00 U.S. Shipping!  These are perfect for graduation gifts, birthdays, alumni gifts, and/or special gifts.  

Then head over to Amazon for the our exclusive perfect fashion pick to go with your custom shoes at: Women's Baylor Bears Jersey



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